Gotherington Parish Council

Tennis Courts

The Parish Council has been working to streamline the Tennis booking process, both for users and for the administrators of the service. We are hoping to launch a new service on 1st September that will allow users to manage their own bookings; including being able to cancel a booking without any need to email the administrators. The new service will use the ClubSpark app which allows booking via both website and phone apps.

To book on the website visit

To make a booking, follow this procedure …

  1. Register and log into your account.
  2. Select ‘Court Bookings’ from the top menu.
  3. In the top right of the page is a drop down box labelled ‘View my bookings’. Select ‘View as Guest’ for Adults bookings, or ‘View as Junior’.
  4. Select the Court and timeslot you wish to book by clicking on the appropriate square. This will bring up a ‘Make a Booking’ window.
  5. If you’re happy, select ‘Continue Booking’ which will take you to the confirmation page.
  6. Check the booking and Confirm. If you are confirming an adult booking you will be taken to a payment box where you enter your credit card details.
  7. A confirmation email will be sent to your account email.

You will need to use a separate account to book for Juniors.

Watch this space for more news about the Council’s plans to update the Tennis Courts.