Gotherington Parish Council

About Us

Gotherington Parish Council are the local council and provide the first tier of administration for Gotherington and the surrounding environs. The council is the first point of contact for anyone concerned with a community issue. The council is a democratically elected local authority consisting of a maximum of 9 Councillors and a Clerk.

The council consists of volunteer Councillors who are elected for a four year term. The role of the Parish Clerk is the only paid role.

The council is funded via a precept and by renting out council assets e.g. use of buildings, sport facilities, etc. To book the Rex Rhodes Building (RRB) or the Pavilion or the upper or lower playing pitches.
To make a booking please email us at:

To book one of the two tennis courts use the following link:


The council raises revenue to help meet the parish spending requirements by issuing a ‘precept’. This is the total amount to be raised through the council tax from all the dwellings within the parish area. The ‘precept’ is converted into an amount per council tax band and this forms part of the council tax bill.

More general information can be found that the link below.

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