Gotherington Parish Council


Building, Equipment and Public Land Assets

This page summarises all the council buildings, equipment and public land assets. Important assets have their own web page

Buildings Assets

Rex Rhodes Building (RBS):  garage, changing rooms, wooden storage shed, plastic tables & chairs/plastic dining service

John Woolley Pavilion (JWP)

John Woolley Pavilion (JWP)
John Woolley Pavilion (JWP) on Freeman Field available for hire.

Wooden gazebo

Petanque shelter

Equipment Assets 

Playground with 7 pieces of equipment, Surrounding Fence & Gates, Parent Seats, Picnic Tables

John Woolley Sports Pavilion (JWP): Septic Tank

JWP: Tables/chairs/kitchen/crockery/heater/lighting/bathroom/toilet/washbasin

Table tennis table

Cricket pitch roller

Mobile cricket cage

Mobile football posts/nets

Dog waste & litter bins around the village

Telephone box for information

Other information boards around village

Bench seats around Freeman Field (7)

Bench seats around village (3)

Infrastructure Assets

Petanque piste

Hoggin path around Freeman Field

Car Park – rear of  Village Hall

Tennis courts, fences and nets

Freeman Field fencing

Public Land Assets

Open space Lawrence’s Meadow

Land strip in Ashmead Drive

Land/bank adjacent to Gotherington Primary School

Fences around the village

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