Gotherington Parish Council

Church Centre Tender

Gotherington Parish Council (GPC) invites tenders for the renovation of the Church Centre (CC). (Google Street View of the CC is here).

The Invitation to Tender, Statement of Work and associated documents are listed below.

Invitation to Tender

Invitation to Tender (pdf)

Village Code of Conduct (pdf)

Form of Tender (doc)

Tender Compliance Letter (docx)

Statement of Work

Statement of Work (pdf)

Statement of Work Excel Spreadsheet  (xlsx)

Appendix A Response to successful bidder, will not be published on this site

Appendix B – Plans

Appendix C – CCTV Drainage Report (pdf)

Appendix D – Howdens Kitchen Design (pdf)

Appendix E – Damp Treatment Plans (pdf)

Appendix F – Refurbishment Asbestos Survey Report (pdf)

Roof Truss Layout (pdf)

Ametrix Cove Lighting Brochure


Contractors Questions and Answers

These will go here (pdf)

Updates to the Documents on this page

30 October 2017

The statement of work has been updated with the following changes.


Contractor to note that final instructions on specification will be issued following an inspection of the underlying substrate after the existing cement render is removed. Subject to condition of the underlying substrate, the Employer may decide, as an alternative to lime rendering, to clean and re-point certain elevations in lime mortar as a contract variation. However for the avoidance of doubt, the contractor is to allow within its tender for rerendering in lime render throughout.



Carefully hack off existing render throughout, avoiding damage to the brickwork. Cart away all debris. Contractor to notify the Contract Administrator a minimum of 2 days prior to the hacking off being completed in order to arrange an inspection of the substrate masonry.



Each new door is to be hung on good quality butt hinges suitably sized to suit the door. Allow for supply and fix of good quality SAA door furniture as follows (refer to tender drawings for door reference numbers);

  • D2: Round bar lever/ lock mechanism on back plate with mortice lock. Separate thumb turn and release mechanism with occupancy indicator. Fire rated door closer. SAA ‘Fire Door Keep Closed’ signage.

  • D1 & D3: Round bar lever / lock mechanism on back plate with mortice lock. Fire rated door closer. SAA ‘Fire Door Keep Closed’ signage.