Agenda September 2018


To all members of the Council:
You are summoned to attend Gotherington Parish Council Meeting to be held on Tuesday 11 September 2018 in the Rex Rhodes Building, Gotherington which will commence at 7.30pm, for the transaction of business on the following agenda.

Howard Samuels
Signed by
The Chairman on
Behalf of the ClerkSeptember 3rd 2018


1 The Chairman will formally ask if anyone is intending recording or filming the meeting
2 To receive comments from the public – no decisions will be made on issues raised. Any items requiring decisions will be added to the agenda for the next meeting
3 To note apologies for absence
To receive declarations of interest for items on the agenda below (Localism Act 2011) and confirm meeting quorate
4 To receive Borough Councillor’s Report
5 To receive County Councillor’s Report

6 Finance & Parish Council Procedures
1. To agree and resolve to adopt accounts for payment
2. To consider and agree action with regard to hire charges
3. To receive update and agree actions ref. automated booking system incl. online banking

7 Planning Matters
a) No outstanding planning matters

8 Freeman Field, RRB & JWP
1. To receive update regarding perimeter fence to FF and agree action
2. To consider the removal of the kick wall and window railings
3. To consider quotations for general maintenance for RRB and agree actions
4. To receive update on grass cutting following meeting with Sophie Hunt (Grounds Maintenance TBC)
5. To consider quotation for remedial work to children’s playground

9 Other Matters
1. To consider locations of Emergency Grab Bags and agree actions
2. To consider having First Aid Education (British Red Cross) Course
3. To consider holding Village Event in 2019
4. To receive update on new Parish Clerk job application
5. Clerk’s holiday pay & Final Salary

10 Next Meeting: 9th October 2018